About Us Dennis Ruabon Commercial Ltd


We provide a dedicated service to the industry surrounding quarry tiles in all its facets.


Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you with all your enquiries from the technical characteristics of our products right through to providing advice on:-
which items to use for varying locations.

Matching-up with existing areas laid with other manufacturers products colour compatibility and much more.


We are able to provide you with our samples of genuine extruded clay quarry tiles to match your requirements for all kinds of uses, from large commercial projects to the smallest of jobs at home.


Substantial stocks are available for all the range and can be provided to site within your timescale.


In short a one stop port of call for all you need to know about quarry tiles, in all the right colours, different sizes and thicknesses, and their supply.


Throughout our company we have experience in depth of the tile industry in all aspects and have created this site to provide you with that special experience you require when looking for traditional and authentic quarry tiles ...we look forward to hearing from you.


All products are extruded and match beautifully with the Welsh Clay Quarry Tile Manufacturer's products in terms of colour, (Ruabon Red, Heather Brown) style and design.


Huge stocks on all products, for all enquires and sample requests please call:

 Tel: 0845 680 52 81 or Email: [email protected]